Bird Banter

The Bird Banter Podcast Episode #13 with Dalton Spencer

April 22, 2019

In episode #12 hose host Ed Pullen talks with Dalton Spencer, a young birder from Lewis County, WA.   Ed first talks about an uncoming trip to Morocco, and then Ed and Dalton talk about life as a young birder.  It brings back memories of when every birding experience was new and exciting, and they discuss how a young birder gets involved in the birding scene.  

A link to Dalton's eBird profile:

The Legacy Tours website for the tour group Ed is joining on his upcoming Morocco Trip.

A checklist from the 2016 tour with an agenda similar to Ed's Morocco Trip.

As a 16 year old Dalton organized and complied the numbers for a new Christmas Bird Count in Lewis County, WA. Here is a link to a local newspaper article about that effort.

Please check out for more related info, and for news as Ed tours Morocco.  

Until next time, Good Birding!  Good Day!

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