Bird Banter

The Bird Banter Podcast #81 with Florence Reed and Patrick McMillan

November 18, 2020

I learned lots and had fun talking with Florence Reed and Patrick McMillan.  I learned that most of the people in the world feed themselves on relatively small family farms, and that helping them inprove yields and improve their health and lives.  This alone would be a worthy endeavor, but these farming methods can at the same time really make a difference in the global climate change crisis while improving habitat for migratory birds.  Birders should care about this.  I do, and am so happy to have the chance to talk with these two passionate experts. 

You can learn about Sustainable Harvest International on their web site, follow them on Facebook, and support their cause if you feel compelled as I have felt. 

Learn more at the Bird Banter Blog post about this episode.

Until next time. Good birding and Good Day!

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