Bird Banter

The Bird Banter Podcast #79 with Lynn Barber

November 2, 2020

Lynn Barber, big year birder in several states and the ABA, and author of three books joins me on this episode of The Bird Banter Podcast. Lynn is an accomplished birder and tireless big year birder. She holds the Texas and Alaska big year records, and until 2016 I believe had the highest ABA Big Year total for a woman.  She has a great story.  Enjoy. 

Lynn lives in Anchorage, and prior to the Covid-19 pandemic got stock of her new book, Big Years, Biggest States: Birding in Texas and Alaska that you can get as a signed copy mailed to you by contacting her on email  Just put book order in the subject line and she'll arrange to send you a copy. 

See the blog post on to find more details and information related to Lynn and her story. 

Thanks for listening. Good birding.  Good Day!



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